The TA members in Mexico celebrated 100 years of pontifical approval of the Teresian Association with Mass in the parish of Santa Maria de Guadalupe. They are also preparing a pilgrimage to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe..

Ok 13 January we met in the parish of Santa Maria de Guadalupe de Los Hospitales. It is located in the neighbourhood where the Maria Isabel School was run by the Teresian Association for almost 40 years. Many former students, families, benefactors and friends live in the area and the first TA members were well known here.

The Mass was presided by Daniel, a recently ordained priest. He was a teacher and coordinator in the Maria Isabel School. He learned about Pedro Poveda there and began to dream of becoming a priest. The celebration continued with a toast and a performance by the Son de vida choir.


Some participants expressed gratitude for everything they had received in the school during their childhood and youth. They expressed appreciation for the women who brought the TA to this country. They recognised the impact that Pedro Poveda left on their lives and asked the Holy Spirit to continue to inspire the Teresian Association to maintain its heart in the present moment.

After Mass and the meeting, they said that this reunion touched their hearts and memories. The Teresian Association shaped us from childhood and its influence is still alive. They recognised each other after such a long time because the charism of Poveda is in them. This encouraged them to go on.

Photo of the group after the Mass.

I thank God for having had the opportunity to participate in the centenary celebration of the Teresian Association," said one person. This event not only commemorates a century of dedication and service by the TA, but also celebrates the essence and values that have guided the Association throughout its history, the same humane values that are absorbed by those who live in the Women's University Residence and that have been fundamental to our lives.

Another said that these testimonials are an offering in tribute to those who lived their lives in vocation and dedication and who have preceded us. They all remember the spirit that Pedro Poveda inspired in the members of the PA and ACIT around the world.

The TA thanks all those who were able to join us in our celebration of the first centenary of pontifical approval. It was a meeting full of memories, gratitude and hope to continue walking together. We hope to meet soon as our desire is to go on pilgrimage to the Basilica of Guadalupe. This is planned for Saturday 20 April, around the anniversary of Pedro Poveda’s ordination to the priesthood..

IT Mexico.




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