Inspiraciones para un Centenario. Inspirations for a Centenary is the title of an “artistic notebook” creatively produced to savour the centenary of the Pontifical Approval of the Teresian Association.

This bilingual publication, Spanish-English, features an unprecedented fusion of a group of artists of the Teresian Association –musicians and painters–, as well as the possibility to listen to songs, evoke the film Poveda or visit various web pages of the Teresian Association through QR codes. It also has white pages to write, draw or give free scope to the imagination.libro

The book opens with an evocation of Pedro Poveda and the 100 years of the Pontifical Approval, signed by Teresa Berrueta and Guadalupe Pedrero, respectively. In following pages, each image, in full colour, is accompanied by a brief thought from Pedro Poveda, Josefa Segovia, Victoria Díez, Saint Teresa and Paramahansa Yogananda.

Woven with many threads

The original idea for this volume, which is woven with many threads, was Inés Carbajal′s and the illustrations are by herself and the Chilean Cecilia Arancibia.
As already mentioned, Teresa Berrueta and Mª Guadalupe Pedrero wrote some historical notes and the songs that can be listened to through the QR codes are by Elia Fleta, Rufina Cárdenas, “En Clave de Tres” or Alharaca.

The English version has been produced by Elizabeth D'Souza.

Inspirations for a Centenary can be a beautiful souvenir of the Centenary and 20% of the proceeds from its sale will go to TA social projects. Published by Narcea, it can be purchased for 10€ per copy.

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