On Sunday 11 February, the Teresian Association in Malabo (Equatorial Guinea) had a thanksgiving Mass for the first centenary of the pontifical approval of the Association. It was attended by the TA president. This celebration also included the incorporation of two new members into the ACIT Equatorial Guinea Association.

The Mass was in the parish of Elá Nguema and was presided by Archbishop Juan Nsue of Malabo accompanied by several priests.

In her address to the congregation at the start of Mass, Gregoria Ruiz, TA president, pointed out that the pontifical approval was "the recognition of a unique and innovative way of living out the call of faith of every baptised person in the world, in the style of the first Christians, with the mission of transforming reality through education and culture through our professional and family life. It is to take the Good Idea, as Pedro Poveda liked to say, beyond borders, to start projects and weave networks of humanity and gospel in countries in Africa, America, Asia and Europe". At the end of her talk, she introduced the new ACIT members and the pre-ACIT group to give visibility to the growth of the TA group.

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The archbishop emphasised in his homily the importance of Christians not being tied to things but to put their trust in the Lord. He invited the Teresian Association to continue working for the proclamation of the Gospel and for social renewal and betterment.

Songs, dances...

The Mass was festive and was animated by several choirs that sang in different languages spoken in the country (Spanish, Annobonese, Bubi and Fang). Together with the members of the TA, project co-workers, former students, young people, the Teresian Association Movement and the pre-ACIT group took an active part.

The choir of Our Lady of Africa Centre, made up of secondary school and vocational training students, sang with energy and enthusiasm the final song, Vosotros sois sal de la tierra [You are salt of the earth] and Rumba a Poveda.

In Africa a religious celebration cannot be without a pica-pica. In our case it took place in the Poveda Centre and in the crypt of the parish church, with the participation of more than 500 people. As in any African feast, there was plenty of dancing both during the Mass and while we were having refreshments.

We can say that we spread our wings and opened doors and windows, and the call was heard to COME AND JOIN US!

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Encarnación Ruiz & Silvia Mope, Malabo.




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