As TA groups around the world marked the centenary of the pontifical approval of the Teresian Association, a celebration was also held in Brussels on 11 January.

The celebration took place in the church of Sainte Suzanne which is the local parish for the Alameda Centre where the TA headquarters is located. Members of the Association have lived and worked here in the heart of Europe since 1957.

It was a good opportunity to make the Association better known to the people of our pastoral unit, all of whom were invited for the occasion. It was also an opportunity to introduce the TA to the new archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels, Luc Terlinden.

At the end of the day, the members and friends of the Association came together with all the parishioners for Mass together and a reception afterwards.

The theme chosen for the Mass was ‘gentleness’ (mansedumbre in Spanish, douceur in French). Each participant was given a jar of honey with quotes from Pedro Poveda on the theme of gentleness.

We could appreciate from the homily how our archbishop has immersed himself in Pedro Poveda's spirituality. There was humour too when he mentioned how a local restaurant combines salt and honey in its recipes. Here are a few extracts: “Pedro Poveda helps us to bring out the taste of the Gospel.” “A firm and demanding approach means allowing God to dwell in our hearts and to make room for God. We allow God to work so that we can be filled with goodness and gentleness.” “To keep the Paschal Mystery at the heart of the Church and our communities (...) was the ideal of the first Christian communities.”

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Before last summer, a committee was set up to think about how we wanted to celebrate the Centenary: it was made up of TA members from Belgium and people from MIT (TA movement) who are on the Board of Directors of the Alameda Centre.

Over that time, we had several opportunities to connect activities with the Centenary. We felt it was important for this event to colour everything we organised, particularly the Friday prayers. We took particular advantage of the feast of Saint Teresa, and the birthdays of Victoria Diez and Pedro Poveda.

There is more in store for us because we have a few other projects in the pipeline:

  • a trip to Spain in May to visit places associated with Pedro Poveda.
  • a space to share our TA memories and, above all, to look together to the future and discuss prospects for the presence of the Association in Belgium.

We will keep you posted!


Isabelle De Sazilly, Bruselas.
TA Translators Team.




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