Members of the Association in Rome, Palermo, Rossano Calabro and Catania held events to commemorate the centenary of the pontifical approval, a milestone that will also give special meaning to our traditional activities such as our celebration of a “Pasqua” at Easter.


On Thursday 11 January, the Basilica of St Agnes was the place chosen to gather members, friends, relatives and co-workers for a thanksgiving Mass. The ceremony was presided by Cardinal Matteo Zuppi, archbishop of Bologna and president of the Italian Bishops' Conference. Two auxiliary bishops of Rome, Baldassare Reina and Daniele Salera, and several priests concelebrated.

Paola Palagi, director of the Italian sector of the Teresian Association, gave an introduction at the start of Mass. She spoke of how Pedro Poveda felt that the way the early Christians lived their lives would be a good model for members of the Association. They gave consistent and simple witness, their lives were ordinary externally, but they were salt and leaven in order to spread the good news of salvation. She said that it was not by chance that they had gathered in the basilica dedicated to St Agnes, because she reminds us of those values and vision.

Cardinal Zuppi spoke in his homily about the many achievements of those one hundred years. He said that the charism is very relevant today because evangelisation takes place through education and culture, and that it is time to reevaluate the role of the laity and of women in particular.

He mentioned, with gratitude and esteem, one of his university professors and friend, Maria Grazia Mara, and all the members of the Teresian Association in heaven who are in communion with us as we “live in the earthly dimension”.

Cardianl Zuppi also focused on the Latin phrase fortiter in re, suaviter in modo (firm in things, gentle in ways), which Fr Poveda commented on in several letters. “It is an ever-present programme of life that prompts us to be first in action, in punctuality, in work, in silence, in recollection, in devotion, in study, in charity and in service to our neighbour.” Click here to read or download the full homily.

We had a choir and several instruments providing music for the Mass. There was also a notable presence of the parish community. After the Mass, we got together to celebrate at the TA Italian headquarters in Rome.

TV2000, a Church news channel, reported about the Centennary Mass


Also on 11 January, in another part of the country yet united in heart, we celebrated the anniversary of papal approval in the Sicilian city of Palermo.

Mass was celebrated in the “Soledad” chapel, one of the city’s historic churches. Archbishop Corrado Lorefice of Palermo presided and several priests concelebrated.

Together with the PA and ACIT members of the Association, there were relatives, friends, authorities and representatives of institutions present to show their esteem and affection for the TA by sharing the joy of this anniversary.

During the homily, Bishop Lorefice spoke of how Poveda's writings were filled with the Word of God and how he repeatedly wrote, “until Christ is formed in you”.

Prayers of petition were said for peace, for families, and for our deceased members, relatives and friends who were undoubtedly celebrating this centenary in heaven.

After Mass, there in the Francavilla Building in the heart of the historic centre of Palermo, the celebration continued with a festive gathering that included a centenary cake.

Local Church media, interviewed TA members on the occasion


TA members in Catania joined in prayer on 11 January for a centenary commemoration and a few days later, on 14 January, they attended morning Mass in the Carmelite Convent.


The group in Rossano attended Mass in the Cathedral of Mary Most Holy of Achiropata on Thursday 11 January 2024. It was presided by Bishop Maurizio Aloise of that diocese.

He encouraged us all to live in the world as salt, leaven and light. Anyone who comes into contact with a TA member should feel that some “seasoning” has been added to their life, he said. He invited the TA members to consider that the centenary is not a point of arrival but a basis for a new beginning with new impetus.

Mass was followed by a music recital. The soprano Maria Teresa Campana, accompanied on the piano by Giovanni Romano, performed several pieces with a Marian theme.


The Teresian Association has been present in the archdiocese of Rossano Cariati since 1950. In 1951 the St Pius X Teacher Training College was started, and the TA ran it until 1979. Many former students of the College attended the event, as well as friends, relatives and supporters of the TA.

The presence of the TA continues today in Rossano with PA and ACIT members, and also through the entities Istituzione Teresiana Italia and Centro Poveda, which supports the voluntary organisation Insieme.

TA Italy.

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