The Teresian Association’s Centro Virgen María de África school in Equatorial Guinea held a gathering of parents and teachers in Malabo on Sunday, 21 May.

After the years in which this event could not be held because of Covid, the Management Team and Parents Association once again organised this get-together of parents and teachers, with as title the Centre’s motto for this year, “We walk together on the road to success”.

The educational centre is located in the Campo Yaoundé neighbourhood and the gathering took place in the Centro María Auxiliadora sports centre in the Ela Nguema neighbourhood.

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The participants started arriving at 09:00 in the morning and the activities began at 9:45 am with a talk guided by the young people, members of the IBOTHO association in which they addressed various topics:

  • We walk together towards “a healthy mentality”.
  • We walk together towards “complaining less and being more grateful.”.
  • We walk together towards “no to bullying”.
  • We walk together towards “controlling small addictions”.

It should be noted that this association had already given these talks to students of the Centre’s Basic Secondary Education throughout the current year.

After the talk, which was greatly appreciated by the participants, various games were organised in which all the attendees participated with much spirit and enthusiasm. Then two football matches were held, one of men and one of women. The day ended with a shared meal.guinea momentos


On being asked what they would take away from, and what they most liked about the get-together, some participants highlighted:

“The organisation, the meeting was a success, it was relaxing, I had a good time, we need more spaces like this”.

“The talk gave us more clues for educating our children, it has been really interesting, I have learned and I have had a lot of fun”.

“To be able to live together as a family, the active participation of parents and guardians without distinction of age, harmony between parents and teachers...”.

With this gathering of parents and teachers, the educational community of the Teresian Association’s Centro Virgen María de África in Malabo has once again demonstrated its commitment to walking with each other and our children towards success..

Reginaldo Lopeo Beaká, member of the Centre’s Management Team, Malabo.
TA Translation Team



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