Pontifical Mission Educational Center (PMECC) partner with members of the Teresian Association in a joint professional development seminar-workshop for local teachers in Bethlehem.

apertura belenFour days, from 27 to 30 of June, of in-service training were offered by the PMECC Staff and the TA ACIT-PA members for the professional development of teachers equipping them with knowledge and tools in the growing field of Library-Information Science. Evidently this is a journey of strengthening the TA associative unity in Bethlehem in the joint endeavour of carrying out the mission in the field of education.

Eight high school teachers from private schools in Bethlehem joined this summer course offering facilitated by Rebecca Calaor, Monnitte Monana, Mariam Sleibi and Agnes Sleibi (PA-ACIT members respectively). Sahhar Zreineh, a PMECC Staff, was also in the teaching roster.

Each module has its corresponding practical segment which helps the teacher-learner apply the theory gained aimed at being implemented at the end of the course, in the schools they are currently serving.

On their last day, they were taken for a tour of Bethlehem University Library and were shown the special features of this state-of-the-art learning resource centre which is the only library in the West Bank that has RFID for book loans and for monitoring the ins and outs of library materials.

Positive experience

A general appraisal of the course has been given by the participants. All have unanimously agreed that this course offering was worth their time and it was something undeniably valuable in organizing and managing their school libraries.

  • Arlette Wadi Ghattas, working in Terra Sancta School says: “I’m happy with the sessions; I’ve learned so much.”
  • Oriana Kassis wrote in her evaluation: “It was very good. Nice to meet you all. We got a lot of information that will help us in the future. Thank you very much. God bless you. ”
  • Ghada says this: “Thank you all for your great efforts.  It was a very useful workshop and we all really appreciate it.  You were a wonderful team!”

They also thanked the Staff for their professionalism and for facilitating the training program and appreciated the Staff's support and encouragement during the sessions.

Photo-gallery of various sessions, group work, visit to the University and students with their Certificates.

The PMECC as a Learning Centre –enhanced with a collection of books in Arabic and English– has seen a progressive offering of varied courses with the goal of empowering professionals already in the field as well as addressing the needs of students in school.

Activities offered ranged from developing students’ art and musical skills, language-learning such as Spanish, human formation and leadership training for young adults and university students.


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Text: Mellie Brodeth.
Photos: PMECC.


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