Castroverde, cuidando la vida (Castroverde, caring for life) is the title of a recently published video presentation about the Castroverde Clinical Analysis Laboratory. This is a Teresian Association project in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, that started as a small seed and is about to celebrate thirty years of existence. During that time, it has been providing a great service to the people of Equatorial Guinea.

The video was produced by a team from the Equatoguinean company Nex Producciones on the occasion of the replacement of a “haematology analyser”, a device that is used in what we popularly call blood tests. The aim of the video is to expand the already wide diffusion of awareness in the region of this state-of-the-art project. The video presents the origins of the Castroverde Laboratory and gives visibility to its commitment to care for life. It is a step in the preparations for the celebration of its thirtieth anniversary.

Highly motivated

Their care for life is made possible thanks to the staff who work as a team and identify with the mission and values of the Teresian Association.

The Castroverde Laboratory began as a small seed of generous service and competent professional work. From there, a project emerged that was nurtured by the dedication of those who have been and who are part of it. It is supported by individuals and institutions who recognise the importance of investing in healthcare provided by people who are highly motivated and committed to their people in this country located in the heart of Africa.


Estrella Sendra Gutiérrez.
TA Translators Team.



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