On 29 October, Argentina Henríquez, a member of the TA from the Dominican Republic, along with five other people, were granted recognition awards as founders of Ciudad Alternativa, a local organisation working for the right of the working classes to decent housing.

Ciudad Alternativa was established 35 years ago with the aim of providing assistance to vulnerable urban communities in order to guarantee their right to decent housing and access to the city. The founders of Ciudad Alternativa, together with other national and international organisations, advocated for the establishment of a bridge between urban social movements and the national government, thus influencing the design of public housing policies in the Dominican Republic.

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A long track record

Argentina Henríquez was born in Santiago de los Caballeros. Since her initial training as a teacher she has had a long academic career and a very significant history of socio-educational and civic action. Her professional career is extensive and has taken her to various countries in the Americas and Spain.

She is currently executive director of the Centro de Integración Familiar, chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Centro Cultural Poveda and advisor to the Instituto Superior de Estudios Educativos Pedro Poveda.

She has carried out socio-educational research and has written numerous articles and publications focusing on the curriculum, the formation of critical thinking, systematic approaches, and the transformation of practice and culture in schools.

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Developer of projects

She co-founded the Pedro Poveda Cultural Centre in 1984. She was advisor to the Ten-Year Education Plan in the design of the Basic Level Curriculum Plan 1992 and director of the Flor del Campo School and Nursery, 1999-2001, Santiago. She has been regional director of Education No. 10 in co-management, Ministry of Education of the Dominican Republic, and of the Poveda Cultural Centre, 2008-2013. She is also co-founder and advisor to the Committee for the Defence of Neighbourhood Rights (COPADEBA).

In her work in the Poveda Cultural Centre, she was a pioneer in promoting the development of critical awareness among teachers. She is a co-founder of the Instituto Superior de Estudios Educativos Pedro Poveda and co-founder of Ciudad Alternativa.

Together with other members of the TA in Latin America, through the Poveda Cultural Centre, she was part of the team responsible for the design and launch of the socio-educational proposal of the Teresian Association in America (PSE) and promoter of the Socio-educational Forum.

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