On 25 April 2023, Elsa Vázquez, a 2nd year high school student at the Santa Teresa Academy, a TA school in Malaga in Spain, was awarded first prize in the 10th “Stand up for equality” competition held by Malaga City Council.

The prize-giving ceremony took place at the school with members of the municipal corporation in attendance. The student had written a story about equality in the form of a comic. She was presented with a tablet and a set of books on equality. The school was also given a set of books.

The winning pupil with her parents, the school principal, Rocío Medina, teachers and municipal authorities.

A deep-seated valuerocio medina asteresa

At the event, the school principal, Rocío Medina, pointed out how they, as teachers, firmly believe that education is the key that allows people to transform society, and how it is so important that the City Council are supporting them in this task.

She spoke of how Pedro Poveda, at the beginning of the 20th century, supported the role of women in academia and the work place, especially in the field of education. She referred to the fact that, 100 years ago, in order to present the TA to the pope for Church approval, the founder put his complete trust in Josefa Segovia and two other women who went alone to Rome for that crucial step. “There is no better way to describe the commitment to equality advocated by Poveda and which we continue today in our school,” said Rocío Medina.

In addressing the student's family, she thanked them for nurturing the value of equality at home. She stressed the importance of being able to work with families to advance integral education, a central focus in the schools of the Teresian Association.


Santa Teresa Academy, Malaga
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