The Teresian Association family in Peru had a joyful celebration for the centenary of the pontifical approval of St Pedro Poveda’s foundation. We joined about thirty other countries where the mission is carried out in the sphere of education and culture.

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We had a celebratory Mass on 11 January in the parish of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. It was presided by Archbishop Carlos Castillo of Lima and primate of the Church in Peru. Cardinal Pedro Barreto and priest friends of the Association concelebrated.

Deep gratitude

This festive and joyful event was attended by members of the TA, family members, former students, families, co-workers and friends who make up the TA Movement. There was a deep sense of thanksgiving to the Lord for so much good that we have received. People’s faces reflected joy as we sang, and there was a sense of recollection and solemnity.

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In the homily, Archbishop Carlos Castillo expressed his appreciation of the Teresian Association and gratitude for the charism. His reflection referred to the laity and their mission in society today, to be salt and light, knowing that we are all members of the Church. He invited us to live as lay people in synodality and to help to heal wounds, to heal the polarisation of our times, and to always watch out for those who are most in need. He emphasised the legacy of St Pedro Poveda, a person who was ahead of his time with his visionary commitment to the education of women and to the empowerment of individuals through transformative education in all areas of society. Archbishop Castillo showed his affection for the Association by referring to his childhood and youth when he had a close relationship with some members of the TA.

lima people80 years in Peru

The whole celebration was a profound experience of faith. We prayed for the renewal of the Church in synodality and fellowship. Each symbol expressed the desire to satisfy hunger for God and hunger for bread for everyone.

We remembered with gratitude the fruits that the charism of the Association has produced on four continents.

That day, we felt called upon to renew our commitment to the evangelising mission of the Church. We aim to do so with the enthusiasm, communion and passion of those who for a hundred years opened up new paths in society, with "mind and heart in the present moment", like the first Christians, in difficult times, renewing their faith and trust in the God of Life.

It was a joyous time to express our infinite gratitude for all those members who have been here in Peru over the past 80 years and who planted the good seed to continue the Association.

lima fielesDrinking a toast together

We came together after Mass to share a toast and have an opportunity to reconnect and chat. We could feel the fellowship and friendship that was in the air. Our hearts gave thanks for the blessing of being part of this history, part of the Poveda dream that encourages us today to deploy and extend the good idea for the Church and for the world. This enterprise is built with small and big daily efforts and will continue after we have gone.



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