The Teresian Association celebrated the 60th Anniversary of presence in Taiwan with a thanksgiving Eucharist and gathering of members, friends and family on November 4.

membersIt was a fine day when the first TA members set foot in Taiwan in 1963. On November 4, 2023, we celebrated our 60th anniversary with a Thanksgiving Mass officiated by his excellency Bishop John Baptist Huang Min-Cheng, the bishop of Tainan, with five concelebrating priests. It was held at Sacred Heart Parish, the parish where we belong and collaborate at Tainan City.

cartelThe theme of the celebration, “Your grace is enough” expressed well our sentiment as we look back at the life of the TA here in Taiwan. We can only affirm that God’s grace is indeed abundant as we strive to incarnate the Charism in this land.

We stand in awe at the marvels the Lord has done to the Teresian Association in the past 60 years. Through joys, struggles, and pains we were able to sustain and make the TA grow. We are blessed with two PA and 16 ACIT members, Pre-ACIT, past students, friends, and benefactors who helped the Teresian Association’s presence here possible.

The Thanksgiving Mass though it was planned as a simple family celebration, it turned out to be a gathering of friends, former students, parishioners and acquaintances, with the full presence of all TA members.

The homily of the bishop was just timely as he summarized it in just a word, RELATIONSHIP. We need to establish a relationship with God, with others, with nature, with everything that surrounds and affects us. This will help us make our charism alive.

To keep the memory of this relationship we established, we posed for several photographs with the bishop and all the guests.taiwan 60yrs

After the mass, we had the fellowship dinner where we were entertained by Mr. Zachary Go, a young musician who played several classical pieces on his violin. Meanwhile, we also watched a presentation of our life and mission here in Taiwan through the years. It was a touching moment to see familiar faces, faces who left traces in our personal history.

We received many greetings and messages from the different places and we feel assured of their continuing prayers and support. Guests who attended also affirmed us that it was a wonderful celebration.

And the day ended with a joyful, and grateful heart because tomorrow we… rise up … and move forward continuing the Work!

Rachel Cerbo, Taiwan. 



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