Young people of the Teresian Association group in the capital of DR Congo wanted to live the Easter send-off by visiting the elderly in a retirement home and bringing them joy.

jovenes congo

After the Lenten season, during which we resolved to deprive ourselves in order to bring joy to others, we decided to take the fruit of this Lenten efforts to share it with people less fortunate than us. Our choice fell on the Home for the Elderly at the Sisters of the Poor of Bergamo.

On Sunday, May 7, the day of our usual meeting, we started with a short gathering to tell each other again the reason why it was necessary to deprive ourselves to make others happy, and what the effort we had made during Lent meant to us. Then we left Karibuni, place of our meetings, to go to Kingasani, 23 km away. After a journey of more than an hour in a rental bus, we arrived at the House of Mercy, Maison de Miséricorde.

resi kinsangani

We met the home director, Mama Vicky, who was happy to welcome us. She was also amazed that young people decided to do such a gesture. We then toured the site and visited the residents, to whom we gave simple gifts. We were touched to find that we had really brought joy to these persons. They encouraged us for our gesture and asked us to stay in touch with them and visit them from time to time.

Announce Christ

Our group “Jeunes IT Congo” (JITC), is a space, a community, that prepares young people to live with strong convictions, to know that God loves us with unconditional love.

We meet once a month, where we build friendship and share the same ideal: to be Christians, like the Early ones. We have a strong motto from our patroness, Blessed Victoria Díez: “Christ always on the front line”.

We feel that Christ sends us to tell and do the wonders of God. Wonders of mercy that we must announce with our lives, in our daily gestures. For Christ to be welcomed into this world, in this Kinshasa ruined by corruption and various anti-values, we ourselves must welcome him ceaselessly to proclaim him in truth: “As the Father sent me, so I send you”.


Régine Manzongani, Kinshasa.




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