The Educational and Cultural Centre of the Pontifical Mission in Bethlehem held a gathering around Mary as an activity for the month of May.

talk Mary new eveOn the 7th of May, the Pontifical Mission Educational and Cultural Center (PMECC) staff with the cooperation of the PA-ACIT members of the Teresian Association hosted H. E. William Shomali, Auxiliary Bishop of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem. In his kindness and availability, and most of all, love and devotion for the Blessed Mother of God, he has graciously agreed to speak to us of “Mary, the new Eve.”

In attendance were the Director and Staff of the Pontifical Mission Office in Jerusalem, members of the Legion of Mary, the youth participating in the TA leadership program, friends and supporters from Bethlehem University, PMECC members and the PA-ACIT members of the Teresian Association, a total of some 40 persons.


With the inspiring talk of Most Reverend William Shomali, we also showcased an exhibition of Marian icons as well as a presentation of the mysteries and events in the life of the Blessed Mother.

The exhibition presents the various “Faces and Presences” of Mary in the holy sites now enshrined and found in Palestine and the Holy Land. In each of these icons or images, we clearly see the enduring presence of the Mother of God, always interceding for us, inviting us to listen to the Father and do His will.

New Eve

At the beginning of his talk, Bishop William Shomali quoted the second-century Christian writers, Saints Justin, Martyr, and Irenaeus who proclaimed “death through Eve, life through Mary.” Interestingly, he further expanded the idea that Eve participated in the downfall of the first Adam, just as Mary participates in the victory of her Son, the New Adam. In the words of the early Fathers, “the knot of Eve’s disobedience was untied by Mary’s faith.” Her “Yes” became the “cause of our salvation.”

Indeed, his presentation on “Mary, the New Eve,” was an invitation for all of us to re-ignite that fervor and love for Our Lady. One of the “images” that we associate with this beautiful attribute of being the “new Eve” is her powerful intercessory and mediatory capacity and attentiveness to the needs of others as narrated in the wedding feast in Cana. Her words “Do whatever He tells you”, are indeed an undeniable trust in Jesus and an invitation for us to do the same.


During the process of preparing for this event, we recalled and cherished Saint Pedro Poveda, our Founder’s spiritual legacy:

“I would prefer for the Work to disappear than to see in her diminish, love and devotion for the Blessed Virgin Mary.”

Another Marian thought from Josefa Segovia, “If Mary is everything, we can truly see marvelous deeds” moves us to thank Mary for this convocation that has successfully taken place to the delight of everyone who participated that lovely afternoon.

While the refreshments were being served, dialogue continued and Bishop William engaged in lively conversations, all about Mary, the Mother of God.

Let us jointly invoke Her, the Queen of Peace, to guide our steps to the Prince of Peace born here in Bethlehem.

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Text: Mellie Brodeth.
Photos: Monnitte Monana


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